Creatively Exploring Identity Through A Timeline

 Memories are shaky at best and our inner critic is no friend. How can we use unlock our creativity to provide us with a personal timeline and a reflective tool.                                

Our aim is to create trees of life for each participant to explore during the workshops and subsequently, each added idea an ingredient increasing marination, prompting new thoughts and resolving others through creativity.                           

Your enquiring mind imagination will make for a great starting point. Be prepared to paint, draw, listen to music, dance, enjoy food etc as we use our senses to expand our experiences                                                                      

Some paper, a pencil and a supply of PostIt notes will get you moving, everything after that is a bonus!                                                                            

The six workshops last for two hours each week. Throughout our principles will be of Appreciative Inquiry.                                                                                

To make this as accessible for everyone I am offering the first 6 one hour workshops for £10!

Workshops Commence Wednesday 13th October 19.30 GMT and Thursday 14th GMT October for 6 weeks. 10am – 12. Zoom.     

Course Outline

Pre-history – Our long genetic roots that have absorbed so many sounds, images, smells, emotional experiences, what might they be? When and how did our individual history begin?  Exploring Appreciative Inquiry and not knowing.

 Childhood – Exploring the early attachments, events, play, friendships, surprises joys, pains, influential adults. Using a simple model to aid understanding.  Childlike drawings, fantasy and comics are all in the mix.

 Teenage – How was emerging from the chrysalis – body changing, certainties, uncertainties, formative experiences, our sliding doors?   The power of music and dance. Our sense of belonging in the prevailing culture.

 Middle Age – How was/is it to shoulder responsibilities build careers? How do we express our emotions?  What is left behind and what emerges? 

Now The reflections – How is the marinating work we have produced informing us? Building your Strengths, Skills, Resources, Inspirations an often surprisingresource.  Using lateral thinking to develop ideas.

The Future – Dream questions. Destiny. Designing new creations to be made, experiences to be had.

Kevin Chamberlain is the workshop facilitator. Originally a teacher of art and drama, Kevin then took senior roles I’m financial services before becoming a management coach, and then a specialist career coach for GPs. Kevin has also played as a semi-professional musician for many years.