Creatively Exploring Identity and Potential

Unlocking Fulfilment In Retirement
Retirement is your ‘second act,’ so how do  you make sense of the ‘first act’ and use these learnings to make a glorious second act?
The patterns of behaviour, your professional skills and strengths can be reshaped to imagine and create the new life that retirement potentially brings.
You will be supported with proven tools, discussion whilst creating a reflective map that can return to time and time again.
Apricity is the warmth of the winter sun and imagineering is about creative ideas and making them happen.

Who is this course for? 
Those approaching retirement and those of you that have already retired. You will be keen to join a carefully curated group of individuals from various professional backgrounds who are committed to enjoying a fantastic second act!

Who will lead this course? 
You will be led by Kevin Chamberlain who been an impact led, coach for businesses, artists and doctors over twenty years. Kevin brings a unique coaching balance of the arts and methodology , and his style is described as dynamic, open, creative, perceptive and tool focussed.
What will you leave with?
This course will bring you clarity on what your second act will look like. The course will enable you to have a greater sense of how you can draw upon your strengths, skills, inspirations, and resources into retirement. Your imagination will be fired up and the fun can really start!

The April course has now completed, the next workshops will be announced soon, in the meantime one to one coaching is available.