Deeper Life Experience In A Goat Rodeo?

A goat rodeo is American slang but I’m going to define as what feels a chaotic situation, perhaps are teetering on disaster but where there is great potential.

If you watch  you will see the internationally famous Yo Yo Ma, mandolin player Chris Thile, bluegrass fiddler Stuart Duncan, bassist Edgar Meyer, join together to create what they call the Goat Rodeo Sessions, to create a unique, sound that’s partly composed and partly improvised. For me this seems like a pretty good metaphor the experience of life, where we bring what we bring, try to work out how to get along with others, assess the accepted rules, the rules that can be stretched or broken, the choices to be made, and dealing with the results.

My aim as a coach is to help people in re-imagine their lives, and develop their potential, with the last ten years been particularly focused on supporting medical GPs.  My particular purpose now is exploring how the arts have a positive impact in the creative reshaping of people’s lives as they experience change in their lives from career issues through to retirement (it’s oncoming arrival or being right in it!).

“But I’m not really creative.” As Timothy Galleway said, “P = p –i

Performance equals your potential minus interference. Interference is all of those early survival adaptations, patterns and their self-limiting voices that confront and block the potential.

I have yet to find a young child who will not play happily with a cardboard box and later say to a friend, “lets play.” What stopped you playing? When did you loose sight of your free thinking imaginative young self?

Fear of creativity is like a fear of snakes, it has to be changed by degrees. To use Bandura’s expression,’ guided mastery.’ The degrees of change can be inspiring and enjoyable.