Deeper Life Coaching

Life Is Too Short Not To Imagineer – and reshape life.

My aim as a coach is to help people in re-imagine their lives, and develop their potential.

As Timothy Galleway said, “P = p –i

Performance equals your potential minus interference. Interference is all of those early survival adaptations, patterns and their self-limiting voices that confront and block us all, whether as a sports person, musician, artist, doctor, or any other walk of life.

What we should be about is imagining every day, and then finding out how to develop ideas until it they are created, engineering from the imagination. Combine Imagine and Engineer and you make Imagineer.

“But I’m not really creative.”  

I have yet to find a young child who will not play happily with a cardboard box and later say to a friend, “lets play.” What stopped you playing? When did you loose sight of your free thinking imaginitive young self?