After Coronavirus

As I write on April 22nd 2020, I am wondering what will unfold next. There are some signs of positive progress but nothing is immediately clear. Governments of various hues have had to borrow extraordinary amounts of money to support and whilst interest rates are very low, there will be a need to repay, and to make the repayments governments will need to see organisations functioning and paying tax and their employees paying tax, so there is an imperitive to get economies moving as quickly as possible which will not be as easy as it sounds.

The key questions that shape our future must be around what has worked well in this crisis? Of course there have been mistakes, but then anybody who has managed anything knows that imperfect people make imperfect decisions, and governments are no different. In democracies politicians are steered by voters each one of us can influence the future. Here are some more questions to prompt thinking. By all means try answering them straight away but the deeper answers will come as you allow them to bounce around in your subconscious. I’d love to hear your thoughts and maybe other questions that have come to mind.

  1. What has been your story in this pandemic?
  2. What are the good things that you have discovered about yourself?
  3. What things around you have brought you joy?
  4. What part has humour played?
  5. People have shown great courage and compassion in this crisis, how can this influence the future?
  6. Suppose you were given a magic wand by Harry Potter, and this wand required no spells just your words of direction and it would do your bidding. How would you instantly change things for the better?

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