The Need For Inspirations

The world is full of books that set out to inspire us to greater things, and if you are lucky you just might find one that chimes with you suffficently strongly that you take on board their suggestions for longer than a new years resolutuion. Steve Jobs, the founder and subsequent rescuer of Apple is often cited as an inspirational person. Jobs had some remarkable qualities but he also had many flaws, an extremely short temper being one of them. Is it his short temper that’s admired? No, Jobs was remarkable for his ability to see an idea and develop it. Jobs saw the mouse being developed elsewhere, he immediately saw it’s potential for consumers and Apple made one. Jobs was far from the first to think about digital music but he made Apple develop somebody else’s ideas and similarly with mobile phones. What might be admired was his ability to take an idea and develop it, or a variety of ideas often molding them together and making something the consumer would find intuitively easy to use. If Steve Jobs was so inspirational and his abilities so well known why aren’t there millions of Steve Jobs clones out there? Short answer? Every brain is wired differently.

Inspirations are there for us to use because they make our brains think afresh. Psychologist D. Campbell proposed a theory around creativity he called blind variation and selective retention, (BSVR). D.K. Simonton has developed the theory and describes it simply as,” ideas are produced without foresight into their eventual utility.” So, in other words, allowing ideas to form and swish about and to see what comes and allow for trial and error. Steve Jobs was good at that, and this just might be the thing that inspires you, not the need to only ever wear jeans and a black polo neck! To rehash an old Apple marketing phrase,”Think Different.” Seek out all the the stimulus you can cope with, get inspired finding what really chimes and resonates with you, and get motivated. Remember every artist ever born and people like Steve Jobs have all ‘stolen’ ideas and made them their own. Inspirations are the palette you mix your unique colours (life) with.Remember, Einstein once said,”If we all knew what we were doing, we wouldn’t call it research.”


  • People you know
  • People in the public eye
  • People in history
  • People in stories/plays/films
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Art
  • Science
  • Gardens
  • Sport
  • Poetry
  • Books
  • A culture
  • A country
  • An object
  • Meditation
  • Other sources of inspiration?

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