Free Learnings During Lockdown

It’s fair to say while Dr Danny brings lots of electrical expertise to the band but lots of other stuff has been a challenge for us. The latency issues that Zoom provides makes playing music together over the internet a real pain. There must be a musician/IT whizz who can come up with a soloution for that one?

Chris Dunne who is also in Diaspora, recorded his guitar and vocals and sent me the recording via Soundtrap. I then added my guitar on Garageband and uploaded to Soundtrap. A few months later I was musing about really simple drawings, did a couple of quick pencil sketches, then tried putting them into iMovie with our music. Pencil drawings too faint so I over drew with pen – not sure about results, and then added a dew more drawings with a bit of colour. See what you think. Best thing of all is that everything was done for free!

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