Who am I really? A question that fascinates us all, particularly when that annoying imposter syndrome keeps whispering in our ears.

In order to begin answering the question of who am I really, we need to truly gather our experiences and history together in a way that allows us the time to reflect and marinate.

How to reflect and marinate?

I believe we need a visual system that we can build upon over time, that readily allows us to use our senses and yet can be carried in our pocket.

I aim to launch this deep reflective approach in a series of online workshops around the end of September. Originally I was intending to help coach folks approaching retirement, or retired because this naturally becomes a time of reflection and reappriasal but I also believe it will be really helpful for most people.

The arts allow us to free our minds, at their ultimate the arts ‘excite’ all of our senses from the visual, touch, taste, smell and movement. Freeing your mind allows stories to unfold and resources within us to build.

I bring my experience of being an artist and a business and GP coach, a musician and a writer. if you are at all interested please get in touch with me. I am only interested in people who want to make a commitment to themselves, so I have no intention of pressurising or making a sales pitch!


`To make this as accessible for everyone I am offering the first 6 one hour workshops for £120 with substantial discounts for those who are unemployed etc.

I look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime I wish you all the best things you wish for yourselves.