Music has always been really important to me, having a friend a year older meant I was able to go to places like the old marquee Club in London but most frequently Uncle Bonny’s Chinese RnB Club – I kid you not! Why the name? I have no idea, I’m not sure anybody had, he ran similar clubs in Brighton and Swindon I think. There I saw bands like the Who/Highnumbers, John Mayall with Eric Clapton, American blues greats, Jimi Hendrix and so on.

The first track I wrote and recorded dates back to 1991, called ‘A Future’, it was like so many songs based around 3 simple chords, and then we went into the recording studio and with everybody’s contributions you come away with much more than you imagined.

When that band folded I played bodhran (Irish drum ) and harmonica at at St. Patrick’s day fund raiser for folks with special needs, and out of that came years of playing mainly Irish music with mad times in places like France and Ireland.

Personal experiments
Variety of songs from over the years with Diaspora, a couple of which I penned.