Free Learnings During Lockdown

It’s fair to say while Dr Danny brings lots of electrical expertise to the band but lots of other stuff has been a challenge for us. The latency issues that Zoom provides makes playing music together over the internet a real pain. There must be a musician/IT whizz who can come up with a soloution for that one?

Chris Dunne who is also in Diaspora, recorded his guitar and vocals and sent me the recording via Soundtrap. I then added my guitar on Garageband and uploaded to Soundtrap. A few months later I was musing about really simple drawings, did a couple of quick pencil sketches, then tried putting them into iMovie with our music. Pencil drawings too faint so I over drew with pen – not sure about results, and then added a dew more drawings with a bit of colour. See what you think. Best thing of all is that everything was done for free!

Some Great Sites For Inspiration Today . Promoting the arts in schools and communities . Great website full of her aura paintings of the famous “We give nature freedom to experience its strength and beauty and use environmental art to educate and challenge us on climate issues and natural solutions. . Newly launched site full of great things happening in and around Bristol UK. . Home of the wonderful that offers great events from classical to pop and contemporary music, ideas and spoken word etc. . The Cube is a Microplex Cinema, Arts venue, adult creche, independent museum, and progressive social wellbeing enterprise in Central Bristol, UK . A great site to, “Mobilize your inner resources when facing cancer, chronic illness or crisis.” Actually lots of great creative ideas. . Lucy Willis RWA is an award winning painter ( BP Portrait Artist of The Year) and printmaker living and working in the West of England. Great painter of light.