5 Objects and Some Flowers

If you were to prepare a still life using 5 objects that symbolize what was most important to you in your life so far what would they be?

How would you arrange these objects or metaphors?

Flowers bring colour and a need for light, they offer beauty, smell, seasonality etc. and evoke memories.

Would you photograph them, paint/draw them, make a model of them, just write prose/poetry about them – maybe I’ll draw something from the prose/poetry? The objects are few but the possibilities are up to you

The last sentence is the clue. I’m interested in you sending photograps or documents to me,(kevinshome@me.com) to see how they collectively emerge and what is evoked in me as an artist when I receive whatever you offer.

This idea is based on an original idea of Charles and Elizabeth Handy

Some Great Sites For Inspiration Today

https://www.steamco.org.uk/#creativity . Promoting the arts in schools and communities

www.degard.org . Great website full of her aura paintings of the famous

https://devonsculpturepark.org “We give nature freedom to experience its strength and beauty and use environmental art to educate and challenge us on climate issues and natural solutions.

www.bristolartschannel.com . Newly launched site full of great things happening in and around Bristol UK.

stgeorgesbristol.co.uk . Home of the wonderful that offers great events from classical to pop and contemporary music, ideas and spoken word etc.

cubecinema.com . The Cube is a Microplex Cinema, Arts venue, adult creche, independent museum, and progressive social wellbeing enterprise in Central Bristol, UK

imagerytoolbox.com . A great site to, “Mobilize your inner resources when facing cancer, chronic illness or crisis.” Actually lots of great creative ideas.

Lucywillis.com . Lucy Willis RWA is an award winning painter ( BP Portrait Artist of The Year) and printmaker living and working in the West of England. Great painter of light.