All too often when we consider the future whatever we dream is crushed by a voice saying it’s impossible.

In group sessions searching for creative ideas I have often observed people hold back for fear of looking silly and being laughed at. The ‘normal’ reaction to an idea is to dismiss it as being silly or impossible – people are easily threatened by the merest whiff of anything outside of their experience.

As I have said before, when Apple introduced the IPhone the Microsft MD dismissed it out of hand. Had you heard of Zoom before Covid? Did you think you would be using Zoom, Teams etc. as easily as you once made phone calls?

Landing a man on the moon with less computing ability in a spaceship than you have in your mobile phone sounds crazy! Yet back in the 1960’s the challenge to do so was made and it was done within 10 years.

As David Shaked says, one of the most powerful questions is, ‘what is possible?’

What is possible right now?

What haven’t I considered?

What are my resources?

What might be the first step?

And if I make that step what might the next one be?

And the next?

Who might support me, even if it’s only with a few kind words?

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